Welcome to my site.

My name is Juan A. Rubio and I am an experienced Software Consultant specialised in C and C++ development. Over the years I have worked in telecommunications, mobile and embedded software development environments. I am a passionate Open Source advocate and Linux enthusiast. Next to my love for telecomms and Linux, another area of keen interest for me is multimedia frameworks and audio/video hardware-accelerated APIs.

I live in the UK and I work as a Software Consultant through my own company, Aratelia Limited. In the past I have worked for companies like Vodafone, Lucent Technologies, Ericsson, Symbian, Nokia, ip.access and Videojet Techonologies.

Out of work, my main occupation these days is my wife and children. When I have some time, I try to practice some sport (mostly running, gym or basketball) and be a (shadow) piano teacher to my children. I also put time on an Open Source project called Tizonia, a cloud music player for the Linux console and the first Open Source implementation of the OpenMAX IL 1.2 specification by The Khronos Group.